Emanuele Di Pascale

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The increasing success of Video on Demand and IPTV services poses several challenges to both network operators and service providers. Due to their heavy bandwidth requirement and the high concentration of requests during peak times, implementing these services efficiently without compromising the Quality of Experience of customers is not a trivial task.(More)
The increasing success of multimedia services poses a serious challenge to both network operators and service providers. Traditional copper-based access technologies are being replaced by fiber-to-the-X (FTTX) deployments in order to meet this increasing bandwidth demand of individual users. However, the growing traffic volume in the access segment may(More)
Locality-aware policies for content distribution attempt to redirect content requests to nearby sources in order to optimize bandwidth utilization and reduce operating costs for Internet Service Providers. For this purpose, an oracle service is required to track content availability at each location and dynamically redirect requests to an optimal source. In(More)
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