Emanuele Curti

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Mean-field (MF) theory is extended to realistic networks of spiking neurons storing in synaptic couplings of randomly chosen stimuli of a given low coding level. The underlying synaptic matrix is the result of a generic, slow, long-term synaptic plasticity of two-state synapses, upon repeated presentation of the fixed set of the stimuli to be stored. The(More)
We have used simulations to study the learning dynamics of an autonomous, biologically realistic recurrent network of spiking neurons connected via plastic synapses, subjected to a stream of stimulus-delay trials, in which one of a set of stimuli is presented followed by a delay. Long-term plasticity, produced by the neural activity experienced during(More)
Recent research has shown that generating words from fragments, relative to simply reading them, inhibits processing of order information. Nairne, Riegler, and Serra (1991) showed that this reduction in processing of order information leads to deficits in recall performance. In three experiments, we generally replicate Nairne et al.'s results and(More)
Direct disposal of spent nuclear fuel (SNF) in deep geological formations is the preferred option for the final storage of nuclear waste in many countries. In order to assess to which extent radionuclides could be released to the environment, it is of great importance to understand how they are chemically bound in the waste matrix. This is particularly(More)
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