Emanuele Cettul

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BACKGROUND Several phytoplasmas, wall-less phloem limited plant pathogenic bacteria, have been shown to contain extrachromosomal DNA (EcDNA) molecules encoding a replication associated protein (Rep) similar to that of geminiviruses, a major group of single stranded (ss) DNA plant viruses. On the basis of that observation and of structural similarities(More)
Sequence analysis of five of the six endopolygalacturonase-encoding genes (Bcpg1, Bcpg2, Bcpg3, Bcpg4, Bcpg5) from 32 strains of Botrytis cinerea showed marked gene to gene differences in the amount of among-strains diversity. Bcpg4 was almost invariable in all strains; Bcpg3 and Bcpg5 showed a moderate variability, similar to that of(More)
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