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The performance of FLAP (Fingerprints for Ligands and Proteins) in virtual screening is assessed using a subset of the DUD (Directory of Useful Decoys) benchmarking data set containing 13 targets each with more than 15 different chemotype classes. A variety of ligand and receptor-based virtual screening approaches are examined, using combinations of(More)
A multidisciplinary project has led to the discovery of novel, structurally diverse, L-type calcium entry blockers (CEBs). The absolute configuration of a recently reported CEB has been determined by vibrational circular dichroism spectroscopy, to assign the stereospecificity of the ligand-channel interaction. Thereafter, a virtual screening procedure was(More)
As a result of the ring-into-ring conversion of nitrosoimidazole derivatives, we obtained a molecular scaffold that, when properly decorated, is able to decrease inotropy by blocking L-type calcium channels. Previously, we used this scaffold to develop a quantitative structure-activity relationship (QSAR) model, and we used the most potent(More)
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