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Testing the CAPM: Evidences from Italian Equity Markets
The aim of the following work is to exploit principal econometric tecniques to test the Capital Asset Pricing Model theory in Italian equity markets. CAPM is a financial model which describesExpand
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Economics of Taxation: Normative and Positive Theories
The consumption theory The effects of taxation The General Equilibrium Effects of Tax Distortions Barone's Theorem Indirect taxation Income taxation Optimal policy mix The median-voter models TheExpand
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A Non-Random Walk down Canary Wharf
In this paper I perform a panel data analysis to evaluate whether �- nancial technical indicators are able to predict stock market returns. By using a panel of 40 stocks taken from the FinancialExpand
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Political Bad Reputation
The goal of this paper is to explore how the connection between political ideology and voters’ preferences is able to generate different equilibria in a yardstick competition game, where goodExpand
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econstor Make Your Publications Visible . A Service of zbw
In this paper I analyse a probabilistic voting model where political candidates choose a direct taxation policy to maximise the probability of winning elections. Society is divided into groups whichExpand
The Single-Mindedness Theory: Micro-foundation and Applications to Social Security Systems
The central purpose of this paper is to introduce a new political economy approach which explains the characteristics of Social Security Systems. This approach is based on the Single-MindednessExpand
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The Decision to Retire: Some Microeconomic Hints
This very brief paper aims to provide some little microeconomic hints in order to explain the early retirement of workers. In particular, the hipothesis of quasi-concavity of the utility function,Expand
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The Single-Mindedness of Labor Unions: Theory and Empirical Evidence
In this paper I analyse a labour market where the wage is endogenously determined according to an Efficient Bargaining process between a firm and a labour union whose members are partitioned into twoExpand
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The scope of this work is analysing how economic policies chosen by governments are influenced by the power of social groups. The core idea is taken from the single-mindedness theory, which statesExpand
A formula for the optimal taxation in Probabilistic Voting Models characterized by Single Mindedness
This work intends to specify a formula for the optimal taxation in Probabilistic Voting Models with Single Mindedness Theory. The goal is to find an equivalent expression to the Ramsey’s rule for aExpand