Emanuele Bardone

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The term Responsible Research and Innovation has recently gained currency, as it has been designated to be a key-term in the European research framework Horizon 2020. At the level of European research policy, Responsible Research and Innovation can be viewed as an attempt to reach a broader vision of research and innovation as a public good. The current(More)
INTRODUCTION Our contention is that interactions between humans and computers have a moral dimension. That is to say, a computer cannot be taken as a neutral tool or a kind of neutral technology (Norman, 1993). 1 This conclusion seems a bit puzzling and surely paradoxical. How can a computer be moral? All computational apparatuses can be generally(More)
This paper aims at illustrating the virtues and vices of biased rationality. Starting with the virtues of biased rationality, we will illustrate the idea of Homo Heuristicus along with its fal-lacious dimension. We will claim that the rationale of biased rationality consists in turning ignorance into a cognitive virtue. More precisely, we will argue that(More)