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This study was performed to assess the efficacy and safety of docetaxel, cisplatin and fluorouracil combination in patients with unresectable locally advanced oesophageal squamous cell carcinoma. Treatment consisted of docetaxel 60 mg m(-2), cisplatin 75 mg m(-2) on day 1 and fluorouracil 750 mg m(-2) day(-1) on days 2-5, repeated every 3 weeks for three(More)
BACKGROUND Preoperative chemoradiotherapy (CRT) improves the survival of patients with oesophageal cancer when compared with surgery alone. METHODS We conducted a phase II, multicenter trial of FOLFOX-4 and cetuximab in patients with locally advanced oesophageal cancer (LAEC) followed by daily radiotherapy (180 cGy fractions to 5040 cGy) with concurrent(More)
Radical trachelectomy (RT) can be performed vaginally or abdominally (laparotomic, laparoscopic or robotic). The aim of this systematic review was to compare all techniques in terms of surgical complications, disease recurrence and subsequent fertility/pregnancy outcomes. A total of 1293 RTs were analyzed (FIGO-stage: IA1-IIA). The most frequent surgical(More)
We investigated the role of foetal spine position in the first and second labour stages to determine the probability of OPP detection at birth and the related obstetrical implications. We conducted an observational-longitudinal cohort study on uncomplicated cephalic single foetus pregnant women at term. We evaluated the accuracy of ultrasound in predicting(More)
Metastatic involvement of pelvic lymph-nodes (LNs), generally found in 0–29.3 % of early stages, is the most important prognostic factor in cervical cancer (CC). However, even in non-metastatic LNs, recurrence rate reaches 10–15 %. The role of HPV-DNA presence in pelvic LNs has been a point of debate in the last two decades. The aim of this systematic(More)
The analysis of esophageal motility tracings is laborious, time consuming and subject to reader variability. The motility traces of five patients were analyzed separately by five experienced readers, in order to assess the inter and intra observer variability. Later on, the manual analysis of the motility traces of five healthy volunteers and four patients(More)
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