Emanuele Ancona

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Metastatic involvement of pelvic lymph-nodes (LNs), generally found in 0–29.3 % of early stages, is the most important prognostic factor in cervical cancer (CC). However, even in non-metastatic LNs, recurrence rate reaches 10–15 %. The role of HPV-DNA presence in pelvic LNs has been a point of debate in the last two decades. The aim of this systematic(More)
In modern obstetrics, different pharmacological and non-pharmacological options allow to obtain pain relief during labour, one of the most important goals in women satisfaction about medical care. The aim of this review is to compare all the analgesia administration schemes in terms of effectiveness in pain relief, length of labour, mode of delivery, side(More)
To determine whether a correlation exists between size, location, type of myomas and perioperative outcomes. This is a observational study in women undergone to laparoscopic myomectomy (LM) because of single symptomatic myoma >4 cm in diameter. We collected data about general features, surgical outcomes, intraoperative/postoperative complications and time(More)
We performed a systematic review about studies reporting data of myomectomy performed by magnetic resonance-guided focused ultrasound (MRgFUS) technique in order to define its safety, feasibility, indications, complications, and impact on uterine fibroid symptom and health-related quality of life (UFS-QOL) and fertility. Outcomes were considered according(More)
To determine the role, timing and indications for endometrial hysteroscopic investigation in relation to the clinical, ultrasound and histological features of the endometrium during tamoxifen (TAM) use. We performed an observational longitudinal cohort study (years 2007-2012) that investigated the endometria of 151 TAM users with hysteroscopy and histology.(More)
Radical trachelectomy (RT) can be performed vaginally or abdominally (laparotomic, laparoscopic or robotic). The aim of this systematic review was to compare all techniques in terms of surgical complications, disease recurrence and subsequent fertility/pregnancy outcomes. A total of 1293 RTs were analyzed (FIGO-stage: IA1-IIA). The most frequent surgical(More)
Levonorgestrel intrauterine system (LNG-IUS) is used in patients with breast patients taking tamoxifen (TAM) to prevent endometrial proliferation. The benefits (on endometrium), the side effects (on breast), and the patients suitable for this treatment are not still clear. Aim of this systematic review is to define the breast risks and endometrial benefits(More)
We investigated the role of foetal spine position in the first and second labour stages to determine the probability of OPP detection at birth and the related obstetrical implications. We conducted an observational-longitudinal cohort study on uncomplicated cephalic single foetus pregnant women at term. We evaluated the accuracy of ultrasound in predicting(More)