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Children's interstitial lung disease (ILD) includes a wide range of rare respiratory disorders associated with high morbidity and mortality. Genetic factors, systemic disease processes, nonspecific inflammatory or fibrotic patterns of repair seen in a number of clinical settings are involved in the ILD pathogenesis. Specific disorders more prevalent in(More)
BACKGROUND Very few studies have explored the distinguishing features of severe asthma in childhood in Europe, and only one study was conducted in Southern Europe. The aim of this study was to provide a detailed characterization of children with severe asthma treated in specialized pediatric asthma centers across Italy. METHODS We conducted a web-based(More)
Infantile subglottic hemangioma is a pediatric tumor of endothelial cells characterized by an initial phase of rapid proliferation (around 6 months), followed by slow involution, often leading to complete regression following the first year of life. It is most frequently found in females and it usually it occurs also in the skin. From its position it can(More)
The inlet patch (IP) is an area of heterotopic gastric mucosa in the cervical esophagus commonly seen during upper endoscopy. Although generally asymptomatic IP has been associated with esophageal and supraesophageal symptoms and, though rare, in adult with malignant transformation. We describe two cases of recurrent episodes of laryngospasm associated with(More)
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