Emanuela Urso

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Cuprizone is used to obtain demyelination in mice. Cuprizone-treated mice show symptoms similar to several neurodegenerative disorders such as severe status spongiosus. Although it has a simple chemical formula, its neurotoxic mechanism is still unknown. In this work, we examined both physico-chemical properties and biological effects of cuprizone. Our(More)
Copper transporter 1 (CTR1), cellular prion protein (PrPC), natural resistance-associated macrophage protein 2 (NRAMP2) and ATP7A proteins control the cell absorption and efflux of copper (Cu) ions in nervous tissues upon physiological conditions. Little is known about their regulation under reduced Cu availability, a condition underlying the onset of(More)
The Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology promises to improve several processes in the healthcare scenario, especially those related to traceability of people and things. Unfortunately, there are still some barriers limiting the large-scale deployment of these innovative technologies in the healthcare field. Among these, the evaluation of(More)
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