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Childbirth can represent for women the time of greatest vulnerability experience, often associated with being out of control, loneliness or sadness. One hundred and sixty women who had 'normal' births were assessed within 48 hours on potential predictive measures and at 3-6 months post-partum for PTSD. Symptoms of depression, anxiety, perceived and desired(More)
The study examines the influence of personality traits and close relationships on the coping style of women with breast cancer. A sample of 72 Italian patients receiving treatment for early stage breast cancer was recruited. Participants completed questionnaires measuring personality traits (Interpersonal Adaptation Questionnaire), interpersonal closeness(More)
Despite the fact that importance of primary relationships for cancer patients and their caregivers' adaptation to illness is well recognized, only a paucity of studies report about clinical interventions for the patient-caregiver dyad. The article presents the Cancer Dyads Group Intervention (CDGI), a supportive group intervention for breast cancer patients(More)
Handovers assure a timely and correct information transfer while socializing workers to the service's culture, however no study describes them as instruments to document organizational change and only a few have focused on psychiatric settings. AIM To investigate the change in the culture of an Italian psychiatric residential care home as perceived by its(More)
OBJECTIVE Although there is an established link between parenting stress, postnatal depression, and anxiety, no study has yet investigated this link in first-time parental couples. The specific aims of this study were 1) to investigate whether there were any differences between first-time fathers' and mothers' postnatal parenting stress, anxiety, and(More)
The positive outcomes associated with Patient Engagement (PE) have been strongly supported by the recent literature. However, this concept has been marginally addressed in the context of cancer. Limited attention has also received the role of informal caregivers in promoting physical and psychological well-being of patients, as well as the interdependence(More)
The key word patient engagement is worldwide becoming a " must do " for academics, industries and policy makers in the healthcare arena. The academic and managerial " buzz " on patient engagement is growing at a dizzying pace. In 2015, 665,300 new web indices were found on Google.com with the key words " patient engagement, " including 1,230 news pages and(More)
This article follows a previous study that has recently been published in Narrare I Gruppi and explored the reasons for the large numeric gap between the regions of the North and South of Italy, referring to the breast cancer screening program adherence rate sponsored by the Italian Healthcare System, that addresses all women living in Italy ranging in age(More)
INTRODUCTION No prior study of endometriosis has investigated the psychological impact of having asymptomatic endometriosis versus endometriosis with pelvic pain in a systematic way. This study aimed at examining the impact of endometriosis on quality of life, anxiety and depression by comparing asymptomatic endometriosis, endometriosis with pelvic pain,(More)
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