Emanuela Reale

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This article presents a comparative analysis of the evolution of national research policies during the past three decades in six European countries (Austria, Italy, France, Netherlands, Norway and Switzerland), with a special focus on the changes of public project funding schemes. It systematically uses indicators on the volume of funding attributed by each(More)
Nations, universities, and regional governments commit resources to promote the dissemination of scientific and technical knowledge. One focuses on knowledge-based innovations and the economic function of the university in terms of technology transfer, intellectual property, university-industry-government relations, etc. Faculties other than engineering or(More)
Despite its relevance for research funding, few comparable data are available in official R&D statistics on the amount and composition of project funding. This paper discusses in detail the methodology developed in the European Network of Excellence on Research and Innovation Policies PRIME for systematically producing indicators on public project funding(More)
For science policy, internationalization is increasingly an important issue. However, the evidence base for internationalization policies is lacking. In an ESF member forum we are developing a set of indicators for internationalization for research funding organizations and research performing organizations. These indicators are mainly using data owned by(More)
The article investigates the participatory co-development of suitable indicators for the assessment of internationalization of funding agencies (FAs). Our research questions are: How can we measure different functions and institutional characteristics using a participatory process? What and who do we measure (and assess), against what do we assess? Which of(More)
In 1998, the UK government introduced wealth creation as a " third mission " for universities in addition to teaching and research, and backed it with £50 million a year The idea of organizing a third mission—in addition to research and higher education—however, is much older, for example, in the case of agricultural universities in Europe, the landgrant(More)
Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this study are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Commission. Abstract This report provides an overview of the Italian policy and its participation to joint and open research funding programmes. It represents a step forward in the analysis of joint and open R&D programmes and(More)
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