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Variability of the caprine whey protein genes and their association with milk yield, composition and renneting properties in the Sarda breed: 2. The BLG gene.
The variability of the promoter region and the 3'UTR (exon-7) of the BLG gene, encoding the β-lactoglobulin, was investigated by sequencing in 263 lactating Sarda goats in order to assess itsExpand
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Effect of polymorphisms at the casein gene cluster on milk renneting properties of the Sarda goat
Abstract This study investigated the influence of casein genes polymorphism on renneting properties of milk from Sarda goats. Milk yield and composition, and renneting properties (rennet coagulationExpand
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Milk yield, quality, and coagulation properties of 6 breeds of goats: Environmental and individual variability.
Goat milk and cheese production is continuously increasing and milk composition and coagulation properties (MCP) are useful tools to predict cheesemaking aptitude. The present study was planned toExpand
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The sheep growth hormone gene polymorphism and its effects on milk traits.
Growth hormone (GH) is encoded by the GH gene, which may be single copy or duplicate in sheep. The two copies of the sheep GH gene (GH1/GH2-N and GH2-Z) were entirely sequenced in one 106 ewes ofExpand
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The Effect of Long-term Freezing on Renneting Properties of Sarda Sheep Milk
Summary Cold storage is a well-known strategy to limit concerns about seasonality for sheep dairy productions. Th e aim of this study was to investigate the eff ect of long-term freezing on milkExpand
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The effect of cold acidified milk replacer on productive performance of suckling kids reared in an extensive farming system
Abstract This study was conducted, in an extensive farm, to assess the effects of artificial feeding with an acidified milk replacer on productive performance of goat kids. Thirty-two Sarda kids,Expand
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Polymorphism of Caprine SLC11A1 Gene and Relationships with Hygienic Characteristics of Milk
Summary Th e solute carrier family 11 member A1 (SLC11A1) gene is associated with resistance to infectious diseases. Genetic variability at the 3’ untranslated region (3’-UTR) of this gene is due toExpand
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Modeling of coagulation, curd firming, and syneresis of milk from Sarda ewes.
This study investigated the modeling of curd-firming (CF) over time (CF(t)) of sheep milk. Milk samples from 1,121 Sarda ewes from 23 flocks were analyzed for coagulation properties.Expand
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Responses of hematological parameters, beta-endorphin, cortisol, reactive oxygen metabolites, and biological antioxidant potential in horses participating in a traditional tournament.
Several concerns have been raised over the health of animals used in equestrian games that have their origins in historical or religious events and are currently held in many countries. This studyExpand
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Association between the GHR, GHRHR and IGF1 gene polymorphisms and milk coagulation properties in Sarda sheep.
We investigated whether variation of the sheep Growth Hormone Receptor (GHR), Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone Receptor (GHRHR) and Insulin-Like Growth Factor 1 (IGF1) genes were associated with milkExpand
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