Emanuela Guerriero

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Given a graph whose arc traversal times vary over time, the Time-Dependent Travelling Salesman Problem (TDTSP) consists in finding a Hamiltonian tour of least total duration covering the vertices of the graph. The contribution of this paper is twofold. First, we describe a lower and upper bounding procedure that requires the solution of a simpler (yet(More)
This paper addresses a particular stochastic lot-sizing and scheduling problem. The evolution of the uncertain parameters is modelled by means of a scenario tree and the resulting model is a multistage stochastic mixed-integer program. We develop a heuristic approach that exploits the specific structure of the problem. The computational experiments carried(More)
—Batch production plants provide a wide range of scheduling problems. In pharmaceutical industries a batch process is usually described by a recipe, consisting of an ordering of tasks to produce the desired product. In this research work we focused on pharmaceutical production processes requiring the culture of a microorganism population (i.e. bacteria,(More)