Emanuela Galante

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Dementia is a highly invalidating condition and, given the progressive aging of the population, one of the major issues that health systems will have to face in future years. Recently there has been an increase in the potential of diagnostic tools and pharmacological treatments for dementia; moreover, considerable interest has been expressed regarding non(More)
Surface dyslexia is a pattern of reading impairment which has been seldom described in Italian native speakers. We report the case of a female Italian patient, RM, suffering from primary progressive aphasia (PPA) of the fluent type, who presented stress assignment errors in reading aloud. In Italian these errors are considered to be strongly suggestive of(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate whether the recognition of "self body parts" is independent from the recognition of other people's body parts. If this is the case, the ability to recognize "self body parts" should be selectively impaired after lesion involving specific brain areas. To verify this hypothesis, patients with lesion of the right (right(More)
Growing evidence indicates that the representations of space and time interact in the brain but the exact neural correlates of such interaction remain unknown. Neuroimaging and neuropsychological studies show that processing of temporal information engages a distributed network in the right hemisphere and suggest a link between deficits in spatial attention(More)
UNLABELLED Many studies have focused on the importance of the informal care provided by caregivers and on its impact in terms of worsening quality of life and increased burden. The aim of the present study is to analyze the psychometric validity and reliability of the Caregiver Needs Assessment (CNA) questionnaire, which has been built to investigate the(More)
OBJECTIVES The economic and psychosocial impacts of Alzheimer's disease (AD) on caregivers are so well documented that they have stimulated socioeconomic regulations that are international in scope. In Italy caregivers have the right to receive economic and psychosocial aid. However, to distribute such aid the needs of caregivers, must be properly assessed.(More)
The retrospective neurological, neuroradiological and neuropsychological observation of 9 cases of dementia with frontal symptoms is reported. Aim of this paper is to contribute to the clinical corpus of data related to the frontal features of the frontotemporal dementia (FTD) syndrome, so as to support clinicians' awareness and widen the information(More)
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Dementia is a highly invalidating condition, constituting one of the major issues that health systems will face in future years. A great amount of research is focused on the looking out for effective therapies for dementia. Moreover, it is well-known that in the next thirty years the request for assistance and support services for patients will dramatically(More)
Agrammatism is a clinical syndrome characterised by the omission or substitution of bound morphemes (prefixes, inflectional and derivational suffixes) and function words (articles, prepositions, auxiliary verbs). It is a composite reality with different features involved in differing degrees in each patient. Therefore, treatment should be individually(More)
The visual system is extremely efficient at detecting events across time even at very fast presentation rates; however, discriminating the identity of those events is much slower and requires attention over time, a mechanism with a much coarser resolution [Cavanagh, P., Battelli, L., & Holcombe, A. O. Dynamic attention. In A. C. Nobre & S. Kastner (Eds.),(More)