Emanuela Carvalho Franco

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The foveal specializations of five New World monkeys, the marmoset, Callithrix jacchus; the golden-handed tamarin, Saguinus midas niger; the squirrel monkey, Saimiri ustius; the capuchin monkey, Cebus apella; and the howler monkey, Alouatta caraya were compared. Although retinal area varies by over a factor of two in these monkeys, the area of the fovea(More)
( llis-van Creveld syndrome (EVC), initially called chonroectodermal dysplasia, was first described in 1940 y the pediatricians Richard Ellis and Simon van Crevld. It is a rare recessive autosomal disorder charcterized by chondrodysplasia, postaxial polydactyly, ctodermal dysplasia, and congenital malformations, ost frequently an atrioventricular septal(More)
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