Emanuela Caiaffa

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BACKGROUND Outdoor air pollution and particulate matter (PM) have recently been classified in Group 1 by IARC. In Italy there is no epidemiological study on the association between female lung cancer and PM as measured by the official monitoring stations. METHODS We estimated the dose-response relationship between female lung cancer mortality and(More)
The exploitation of renewable energy sources has assumed a significant role, especially in an integrated vision of problems concerning energy policies, The 2009/28/EC Directive of the European Parliament and Council has indicated ambitious energy and climate change objectives for 2020 (according to the so-called “EU2020 Strategy”): greenhouse gas emissions(More)
Densely urbanized areas, with a low percentage of green vegetation, are highly exposed to Heat Waves (HW) which nowadays are increasing in terms of frequency and intensity also in the middle-latitude regions, due to ongoing Climate Change (CC). Their negative effects may combine with those of the UHI (Urban Heat Island), a local phenomenon where air(More)
Introducing geo-knowledge into traditional e- government can improve land-use governance. It can help citizens perceive the state of the environment and more readily accept constraints on land use and planning strategies. It obviously implies the availability and usability of good Geographic Information (GI). The main aim of this paper is to improve the(More)
The paper deals with the social and economic dimensions of climate change impacts and adaptation in Italy. The ultimate aim of the paper is to provide policy makers and experts with a conceptual framework, as well as methodological and operational tools for dealing with climate change impacts and adaptation from an economic perspective. In order to do so,(More)