Emanuela Butera

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A comprehensive assessment tool and intervention typology for adult hemodialysis patients, based on the Roy Adaptation Model, is presented. The Roy model is reviewed, and examples from the assessment tool and intervention typology are presented. A case study illustrates application of the tool and typology to nephrology nursing. Comparison of the tool and(More)
Benthic diatoms of the genus Cocconeis contain a specific apoptogenic activity. It triggers a fast destruction of the androgenic gland in the early post-larval life of the marine shrimp Hippolyte inermis, leading to the generation of small females. Previous in vitro investigations demonstrated that crude extracts of these diatoms specifically activate a(More)
The results of a survey designed to identify existing images of nephrology nursing practice are reported. The sample included 374 attendees at meetings sponsored by the American Nephrology Nurses' Association (ANNA). Content analysis revealed that the typical nephrology patient is elderly, has a chronic illness and negative affect, is not compliant, and is(More)