Emanuel M. Popovici

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In this paper the benefits of implementation of the Tate pairing computation in dedicated hardware are discussed. The main observation lies in the fact that arithmetic architectures in the extension field GF (3) are good candidates for parallelization, leading to a similar calculation time in hardware as for operations over the base field GF (3). Using this(More)
This paper presents an energy-efficient medium access control protocol suitable for communication in a wireless body area network for remote monitoring of physiological signals such as EEG and ECG. The protocol takes advantage of the static nature of the body area network to implement the effective time-division multiple access (TDMA) strategy with very(More)
There has been a lot of interest in recent years in the problems faced by cryptosystems due to side channel attacks. Algorithms for elliptic curve point scalar multiplication such as the double and add method are prone to such attacks. By making use of special addition chains, it is possible to implement a simple power analysis (SPA) resistant cryptosystem.(More)
Body Area Networks (BAN) are a specific type of Network structure. They are spread over a very small area and their available power is heavily constrained. Hence it is useful to have gateway points in the network, such as nodes carried around the belt, that are less power constrained and can be used for network coordination. This network structure can(More)
We designed, implemented, tested and measured an ultra low power Wake Up Receiver (WUR), intended for use in Wireless Body Area Networks (WBAN). Gaussian OnOff Keying (GOOK) and Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) are used to modulate and encode, respectively, the preamble signal. The receiver incorporates a decoder to enable Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI). WUR(More)
In this paper we present an Elliptic Curve Point Multiplication processor over base fields GF(2), suitable for use in a wide range of commercial cryptography applications. Our design operates in a polynomial basis is fully parameterizable in the irreducible polynomial and the chosen Elliptic Curve over any base Galois Field up to a given size. High(More)
Modern medical wireless systems present a challenge where communication reliability is crucial, but the resources are limited, since medical devices carried on a patient need to be small. We propose, simulate and analyze one relay network, and show that network coding along with redundancy can be used as a very efficient error recovery mechanism that(More)