Emanuel J. VonDran

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The Test of Memory Malingering is one of the most popular and heavily researched validity tests available for use in neuropsychological evaluations. Recent research has suggested, however, that the original indices and cutoffs may require modifications to increase sensitivity rates. Some of these modifications lack cross-validation and no study has examined(More)
This study utilized multiple criterion group neuropsychological samples to evaluate the "over-reporting" and "under-reporting" MMPI-2-RF validity scales. The five criterion groups included in this study were (1) litigating traumatic brain injury patients who failed Slick et al. criteria for probable malingering, (2) litigating traumatic brain injury(More)
This study examined differences in raw scores on the Symptom Validity Scale and Response Bias Scale (RBS) from the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2 in three criterion groups: (i) valid traumatic brain injured, (ii) invalid traumatic brain injured, and (iii) psychogenic non-epileptic seizure disorders. Results indicate that a >30 raw score(More)
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