Emanuel Gluskin

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A formula for the input conductivity characteristic of an in® nite grid of similar, weakly nonlinear resistors (conductors) measured between two nodes is obtained using a speci® c approximate representation of the grid. This formula is more precise than the corresponding formula given earlier by Gluskin. Some hypotheses concerning the analytical features of(More)
An approximate analytical (structural) superposition in terms of two, or more, α α α α-circuits of the same topology: Pt.1 – description of the superposition Abstract: One-ports named " f-circuits " , composed of similar conductors described by a monotonic polynomial, or quasi-polynomial (i.e. with positive but not necessarily integer, powers)(More)
An approximate analytical (structural) superposition in terms of two, or more, α α α α-circuits of the same topology: Pt. 2 – the " internal circuit mechanism " Abstract: This is the second part, after [1], of the research devoted to analysis of 1-ports composed of similar conductors (" f-circuits ") described by the characteristic i = f(v) of a polynomial(More)
—It is observed that the inductive and capacitive features of the memristor reflect (and are a quintessence of) such features of any resistor. The very presence of the voltage and current state variables, associated by their electrodynamics sense with electrical and magnetic fields, in the resistive characteristic v = f(i), forces any resister to accumulate(More)
The argument of physical dimension/units is applied to electrical switched circuits, making the topic of the nonlinearity of such circuits simpler. This approach is seen against the background of a more general outlook (IEEE CAS MAG, III, 2009, pp. 56, 58, 60-62) on singular (switched and sampling) systems. The appendix suggests some points for the(More)
The "psychological map of the brain", as a personal information card (file),-a project for the student of the 21 st century Abstract: We suggest a procedure that is relevant both to electronic performance and human psychology, so that the creative logic and the respect for human nature appear in a good agreement. The idea is to create an electronic card(More)
A neurophysiological cause for the cruelty expressed by the Nazis during the Holocaust is suggested, as well as certain tests for the adult population intended to reveal such a social danger. The cause is seen as an unbalance in the development of the brain's hemispheres. It is assumed that this unbalance can occur in a nation which is under an extremely(More)