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Two enteric bacterial pathogens were concomitantly isolated from the feces of 18 infants less than 6 months of age admitted to the Assaf Harofeh Medical Center over a 7-year period. In all but two patients stool cultures grew enteropathogenic Escherichia coli, six of serogroup 0119. The other organisms cultured were Shigella, Salmonella, Campylobacter(More)
A neurophysiological cause for the cruelty expressed by the Nazis during the Holocaust is suggested, as well as certain tests for the adult population intended to reveal such a social danger. The cause is seen as an unbalance in the development of the brain's hemispheres. It is assumed that this unbalance can occur in a nation which is under an extremely(More)
Some resistive (more generally, algebraic, e.g., dc magnetic or dielectric) 1-ports, composed of elements having a singledegree characteristic ( ( ) ) are considered and some general relations relevant to such 1-ports of an arbitrary structure are proved. For series-parallel (s-p) 1-ports and also fractal 1-ports, this specific characteristic permits(More)
On two generalisations of the final value theorem: scientific relevance, first applications, and physical foundations Emanuel Gluskin a b c & Joris Walraevens d a The Sea of Galilee Academic College, Israel b Department of Electrical Engineering, Holon Institute of Technology, Holon 58102, Holon, Israel c Department of Electrical Engineering, Ben Gurion(More)
One-ports named “f-circuits”, composed of similar conductors described by a monotonic polynomial, or quasi-polynomial (i.e. with positive but not necessarily integer, powers) characteristic i = f(v) are studied, focusing on the algebraic map f → F. Here F(.) is the input conductivity characteristic; i.e., iin = F(vin) is the input current. The “power-law”(More)
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Formulae associated with the percentage of high harmonics in the current in fluorescent lamp fixtures are derived for the cases of L and L-C ballasts. The third harmonic is analyzed carefully, and the theoretically predicted values are compared with those found experimentally. The agreement appears to be satisfactory. To meet the requirement of a standard,(More)
A formula for the input conductivity characteristic of an in® nite grid of similar, weakly nonlinear resistors (conductors) measured between two nodes is obtained using a speci® c approximate representation of the grid. This formula is more precise than the corresponding formula given earlier by Gluskin. Some hypotheses concerning the analytical features of(More)
The argument of physical dimension/units is applied to electrical switched circuits, making the topic of the nonlinearity of such circuits simpler. This approach is seen against the background of a more general outlook (IEEE CAS MAG, III, 2009, pp. 56, 58, 60-62) on singular (switched and sampling) systems. The appendix suggests some points for the(More)