Emanuel Antônio Grasselli

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There are few published studies on prevalence of allergic rhinitis in preschool children. The aims of this study were to verify the prevalence, clinical characteristics, and treatment of allergic rhinitis (AR) symptoms in the first year of life adding supplementary questions to the EISL instrument. A cross-sectional study used Phase III EISL written(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine epidemiological changes in recurrent wheezing among infants in Curitiba, Brazil. METHODS This cross-sectional study used the questionnaire Estudio Internacional de Sibilancias en Lactantes (EISL). Parents of infants aged 12 to 15 months completed the instrument from August 2005 to December 2006 (phase I) and from September 2009 to(More)
Conclusions: The presence of allergic rhinoconjuntivitis symptoms in the last 12 months doubles the risk for the presence of wheezing in Mexican children. Background: There is increasing evidence that the disorder of eosinophil apoptosis contributes to the mechanism of prominent airway inflammation in asthma. However the relationship between dysregulation(More)
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