Emanuel Adler

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Normative and ideational concerns have always informed the study of international politics and are a consistent thread running through the life of InternationalOrganization. When IO was founded, dominant realist views of politics, while rejecting idealism, were very much concerned with issues of legitimacy and ideology. The early Cold War, after all, was(More)
ii ABSTRACT Long dismissed as unscientific, teleological explanation has been undergoing something of a revival as a result of the emergence of self-organization theory, which combines micro-level dynamics with macro-level boundary conditions to explain the tendency of systems to develop toward stable end-states. On that methodological basis this article(More)
THE Seventh British Congress on the History of Medicine will be held in Churchill College, Cambridge, from 10-13 September 1969. This will be the third residential congress in the series, and those who attended the sixth congress in the University of Sussex in September 1967 will recall how successful and enjoyable that meeting was. The subject chosen for(More)
In attempting to explain Israel’s retaliatory policies toward Palestinian violence, new institutionalist and rational choice theories vie for dominance. This article argues that both approaches can contribute to understanding the severity of Israel’s response if they are viewed as nested explanations appropriate to different threat levels. The article makes(More)
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