Emanoil Ceccherini - Silberstein

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Recently [Opt. Lett. 25, 1092 (2000)], two of the present authors proposed extending the domain of applicability of grating theories to aperiodic structures, especially the diffraction structures that are encountered in integrated optics. This extension was achieved by introduction of virtual periodicity and incorporation of artificial absorbers at the(More)
Rigorous coupled-wave analysis (also called the Fourier-modal method) is an efficient tool for the numerical analysis of grating diffraction problems. We show that, with only a few modifications, this method can be used efficiently for the numerical analysis of aperiodic diffraction problems, including photonic crystal waveguides, Bragg mirrors, and grating(More)
  • Nuria Canva, Valérie Cappiello, +114 authors Juan Ezgu
  • Journal of hepatology
  • 2015
Abbas, Zaigham Abdel Rehim, Mohamed Abouda, George Above, Elisabetta Adam, Aziza Adams, David Adams, Leon Adebayo, Danielle Agarwal, Kosh Agarwal, Ritu Ahmed, Nadia Ahn, Joseph Aithal, Guruprasad Akarca, Ulus Akoth, Elizabeth Akuskevich, Lucy Albillos, Agustı́n Al-Chalabi, Thawab Aldersley, Mark Alessandria, Carlo Alexander, Graeme Alisi, Anna Al-Mahtab, M.(More)
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