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Effects of electromagnetic radiation produced by mobile phone on blood viscosity, plasma viscosity, hemolysis, Osmotic fragility, and blood components of rats have been investigated. Experimental results show that there are significant change on blood components and its viscosity which affects on a blood circulation due to many body problems. Red blood(More)
The study was carried out to investigate the harmful effects of UVC radiation on skin and eye of mice. Eighty male Albino mice were used in this study. The mice were equally divided into three groups as control, UVC and recovery. UVC group mice were divided into two groups first irradiated for 1hour per day and second irradiated 2hour per day during 30(More)
Red Sea sponges offer a potential for production of novel drugs and prototypes. The genus Negombata is a type of sponges abundant in the Red Sea. This sponge produces latrunculins that have well documented antitumor activity in addition to antimicrobial and antiviral effects. The identification of Negombata species is based on morphology and microscopical(More)
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