Eman M. Hammad

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—A cyber-enabled parametric control scheme is proposed for efficient transient frequency and phase stabilization in the power grid. Different implementations of the proposed control are investigated in this work. First, a centralized control scheme is proposed where the controller relies on timely phasor measurement unit (PMU) information about the grid to(More)
—A parametric controller is proposed for the frequency and phase stabilization after the occurrence of a disturbance in the power grid. The proposed controller is based on the feedback linearization control theory. To drive the frequency of the system generators to stability, the controller relies on receiving timely phasor measurement unit (PMU) readings(More)
This chapter investigates the performance of primary and secondary users in a spectrum-sharing cog-nitive environment. In this setup, multiple secondary users compete to share a channel dedicated to a primary user in order to transmit their data to a receiver unit. One secondary user is scheduled to share the channel, and to do so, its transmission power(More)
—A parametric game-theoretic controller is proposed to stabilize power systems during and after cyber switching attacks. The attacks are based on calculated switchings of external power sources in order to destabilize the power system. The controller relies on receiving timely information from the cyber component of the smart grid to control the output of(More)