Eman H Nafea

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Cell-based medicine has recently emerged as a promising cure for patients suffering from various diseases and disorders that cannot be cured/treated using technologies currently available. Encapsulation within semi-permeable membranes offers transplanted cell protection from the surrounding host environment to achieve successful therapeutic function(More)
The presentation of multiple biological cues, which simulate the natural in vivo cell environment within artificial implants, has recently been identified as crucial for achieving complex cellular functions. The incorporation of two or more biological cues within a largely synthetic network can provide a simplified model of multifunctional ECM presentation(More)
Incorporation of extracellular matrix (ECM) components to synthetic hydrogels has been shown to be the key for successful cell encapsulation devices, by providing a biofunctional microenvironment for the encapsulated cells. However, the influence of adding ECM components into synthetic hydrogels on the permeability as well as the physical and mechanical(More)
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