Eman Fares Al Mashagba

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In information retrieval research; Genetic Algorithms (GA) can be used to find global solutions in many difficult problems. This study used different similarity measures (Dice, Inner Product) in the VSM, for each similarity measure we compared ten different GA approaches based on different fitness functions, different mutations and different crossover(More)
The Use of genetic algorithms in the Information retrieval (IR) area, especially in optimizing a user query in Arabic data collections is presented in this paper. Very little research has been carried out on Arabic text collections. Boolean model have been used in this research. To optimize the query using GA we used different fitness functions, different(More)
This paper proposed human identification method by gait. Human gait is a type of biometric features and related to the physiological and behavioral features of a human. In this paper, a feature vector of gait motion parameters is extracted from each frame using image segmentation methods, and categorized into different categories. Two of these categories(More)
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