Eman A Al-Gaai

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BACKGROUND The total effect of a medication is the sum of its drug effect, placebo effect (meaning response), and their possible interaction. Current interpretation of clinical trials' results assumes no interaction. Demonstrating such an interaction has been difficult due to lack of an appropriate study design. METHODS 180 adults were randomized to(More)
BACKGROUND Although informed consent is an integral part of clinical practice, its current doctrine remains mostly a matter of law and mainstream ethics rather than empirical research. There are scarce empirical data on patients' perceived purpose of informed consent, which may include administrative routine/courtesy gesture, simple honest permission,(More)
BACKGROUND Posthumous organ procurement is hindered by the consenting process. Several consenting systems have been proposed. There is limited information on public relative attitudes towards various consenting systems, especially in Middle Eastern/Islamic countries. METHODS We surveyed 698 Saudi Adults attending outpatient clinics at a tertiary care(More)
BACKGROUND Medical chaperones (MC) are underutilised. The influence of Islamic culture on the use of MC is not known. AIM To examine physicians' use and perception of MC in Islamic culture. SETTING A major tertiary care hospital in Saudi Arabia. METHODS 315 self-administered questionnaires were distributed to attendees of grand rounds of 13(More)
A randomized crossover study was conducted on 26 healthy Arab males to compare the bioavailability of two formulations of fluconazole 150 mg capsules, Fluconazole (test) and Diflucan (reference). The formulations were administered after an overnight fast with a washout period of 2 weeks. Twenty blood samples (per period) were collected over 168 h, plasma(More)
BACKGROUND Conventional randomized placebo-controlled study design assumes the absence of drug*placebo interaction. We hypothesized the presence of such an interaction and that conventionally estimated drug effect might be biased. The objectives of the study were to determine the drug*placebo interaction effect (main) and compare conventionally estimated(More)
A randomized, two-period, two-sequence, crossover study was conducted on 28 healthy male volunteers to compare the bioavailability of two rosiglita-zone (CAS 122320-73-4) tablet formulations, a test and a commercially available original preparation (reference), under fasting conditions. The two preparations were given in a dose of 8 mg with a 7-day washout(More)
We evaluated the documentation of ethical conduct (obtaining institutional review board approval and consent and following ethical guidelines) of human subject research studies published in Saudi Arabian medical journals between 1979 and 2007. Studies were classified as retrospective, prospective noninterventional, interventional or survey/interview. Of(More)
Objective: The purpose of this randomized, crossover study was to compare the bioavailability of a generic and innovator formulation of gatifloxacin 400 mg tablets under fasting conditions. Methods: Seventeen blood samples per period were collected from 24 healthy, Arab male volunteers over 36 hours, plasma gatifloxacin concentrations were determined by(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this randomized, crossover study was to compare the bioavailability of a generic and an innovator formulation of nizatidine 300 mg capsules under fasting conditions. METHODS Twenty blood samples per period were collected from 20 healthy, Arab male volunteers over 16 h, plasma nizatidine concentrations were determined by HPLC assay,(More)
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