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Virtual code, code and data separation, and spooling are other features. New Software Increases Capabilities of Logic Timing Analyzer, by David L. Neuder Marked added. and postprocessing of trace data are a few of the capabilities added. Authors In this Issue: Real-time computers are designed to control or monitor real-world processes. These processes(More)
Smaller NMOS devices operate faster and use less power. Some process innovations are required to make them. MOS Device and Process Design Using Computer Simulations, by Soo-Young Oh The effects of design changes can be accurately predicted by the proper computer model, elimi nating the need for actual fabrication. Semiconductor diodes and transistors are(More)
Swelling or oedema of forehead or eyelids is a common consequence of hair transplantation surgery. However, this results in increased morbidity and absence from work due to unaesthetic appearance. To study various physical and therapeutic modalities to reduce or completely prevent the occurrence of such oedema. Three hundred forty hair transplant patients(More)
Prolyl endopeptidase, a serine protease is considered to play an important role in the degradation of neuropeptides capable of changing the performance in learning and memory tasks in both animal and human. The inhibitors seem to be promising drug candidates to treat and prevent diseases with associated memory loss such as senile dementia. In the last(More)
  • Richard Support, Dolan, +23 authors Seth G Fearey
  • 2006
Articles 4 An Introduction to Hewlett-Packard's Al Workstation Technology, by Martin R. Cagan The HP Al Workstation is a collective term for a number of symbolic programming software development efforts and †" so far †" one product. 1C A Defect Tracking System for the UNIX Environment, by Steven R. Blair DTS serves \J the defect tracking and metrics(More)
  • John R Lewis, Laurence M, +23 authors Acoustooptic Modulator Driver
  • 1982
These novel designs use a pair of oscillator circuits coupled into a single high-accuracy tunable cavity. A Wide-Dynamic Range Pulse Leveling Scheme, by James F. Catlin This design provides leveled output power over a range of 145 dB for both CW signals and pulses as narrow as 100 nanoseconds. Microwave Solid-State Amplifiers and Modulators for Broadband(More)
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