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There is a growing interest in applying agile practices in Global Software Development (GSD) projects. The literature on using Scrum, one of the most popular agile approaches, in distributed development projects has steadily been growing. However, there has not been any effort to systematically select, review, and synthesize the literature on this topic. We(More)
In most agricultural systems, one of the major concerns is to reduce the growth of weeds. In most cases, removal of the weed population in agricultural fields involves the application of chemical herbicides, which has had successes in increasing both crop productivity and quality. However, concerns regarding the environmental and economic impacts of(More)
The local binary pattern (LBP) operator has been proved to be a simple and effective approach for facial feature representation. However, the LBP operator thresholds P neighbors at the value of the center pixel in a local neighborhood and encodes only the signs of the differences between the gray values. Thus, the LBP operator discards some important(More)
There is growing interest in applying agile practices in Global Software Development (GSD) projects. But project stakeholder distribution in GSD creates a number of challenges that make it difficult to use some agile practices. Moreover, little is known about what the key challenges or risks are, and how GSD project mangers deal with these risks while using(More)
Global software development is a major trend in software engineering. Practitioners are increasingly trying Agile methods in distributed projects to tap into the benefits experienced by co-located teams. This paper considers the issue by examining whether Scrum practices, used in four global software development projects to leverage the benefits of Agile(More)
Automatic recognition of facial expression is an active research topic in computer vision due to its importance in both human-computer and social interaction. One of the critical issues for a successful facial expression recognition system is to design a robust facial feature descriptor. Among the different existing methods, the Local Binary Pattern (LBP)(More)
There is growing interest in applying Scrum practices in Global Software Development to leverage the advantages of both. However, the effective use of Scrum practices largely depends on close interactions between project stakeholders. The distribution of project stakeholders in GSD provides significant challenges related to project collaboration processes(More)