Emad S. Ebbini

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A 64-element, 1 MHz prototype dual-mode array (DMUA) with therapeutic and imaging capabilities is described. Simulation and experimental results for the characterization of the therapeutic operating field (ThxOF) and imaging field-of-view (IxFOV) for a DMUA are given. In addition, some of the special considerations for imaging with DMUAs are given and(More)
This paper presents an analytical framework for the performance evaluation of cellular mobile radio systems equipped with smart antenna systems. In particular, the paper focuses on low-complexity systems which are able to successively suppress the strongest active interferers. The desired user fading statistics is assumed to be flat Rayleigh, Rician, or(More)
The authors have recently presented a new algorithm for high-speed parallel processing of ultrasound pulse-echo data for real-time three-dimensional (3-D) imaging. The approach utilizes a discretized linear model of the echo data received from the region of interest (ROI) using a conventional beam former. The transmitter array elements are fed with binary(More)
One of the major limitations of hyperthermia as a cancer treatment modality is the lack of heating equipment and techniques capable of consistent therapeutic heating of deepseated tumors. This thesis introduces a new pattern synthesis method capable of precisely controlling the power deposition level at a set of control •points in the treatment volume using(More)
REDUCING COMMUNICATION COST IN SCALABLE SHARED MEMORY SYSTEMS by Gheith Ali Abandah Chair: Edward S. Davidson Distributed shared-memory systems provide scalable performance and a convenient model for parallel programming. However, their non-uniform memory latency often makes it difficult to develop efficient parallel applications. Future systems should(More)
By means of the viscoelastodynamic model for a two-layer solid-fluid system and a detailed account of the locally induced acoustic radiation force, a rational analytical and computational framework is established for the viscoelastic characterization of thin tissues from high-frequency ultrasound (HFUS) measurements. For practical applications, the(More)
We address the noninvasive temperature estimation from pulse-echo radio frequency signals from standard diagnostic ultrasound imaging equipment. In particular, we investigate the use of a high-resolution spectral estimation method for tracking frequency shifts at two or more harmonic frequencies associated with temperature change. The new approach,(More)
A method for non-invasively estimating tissue temperatures using 2D diagnostic ultrasound imaging arrays is presented in this paper. It is based on a linear relationship between the apparent speckle pattern displacements and temperature, as seen on acquired A-lines when the sample is heated by external heating elds. The proportionality constant between(More)
We present a new distorted Born iterative algorithm for diiraction tomography which introduces kernel distortions only at carefully selected pixel locations. This algorithm attains the performance levels achieved by existing distorted Born iterative techniques , while maintaining the robustness of the Born iterative technique, especially in noisy(More)
We have recently demonstrated the imaging capabilities of a prototype 64-element 1 MHz concave array with 100 mm radius of curvature. This array was optimized for therapeutic applications using high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU). We have shown that this dual-mode ultrasound array (DMUA) has a therapeutic operating field (ThxOF) that extends by /spl(More)