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Student performance in university courses is of great concern to the higher education managements where several factors may affect the performance. This paper is an attempt to use the data mining processes, particularly classification, to help in enhancing the quality of the higher educational system by evaluating student data to study the main attributes(More)
One of the most important issues to succeed in the academic life is to assign students to the right track when they arrive to the end of the basic education stage. The main problem in the selection of an academic track in basic Jordanian schools is the lack of useful knowledge for students to support their planning. This paper utilized data mining(More)
Nowadays, huge amount of data and information are available for everyone, Data can now be stored in many different kinds of databases and information repositories, besides being available on the Internet or in printed form. With such amount of data, there is a need for powerful techniques for better interpretation of these data that exceeds the human's(More)
— This study aims to compare the effectiveness of two popular machine translation systems (Google Translate and Babylon machine translation system) used to translate English sentences into Arabic relative to the effectiveness of English to Arabic human translation. There are many automatic methods used to evaluate different machine translators, one of these(More)
Data Mining is a powerful tool for academic intervention. The educational institutions can use classification for comprehensive analysis of students " characteristics. In our work, we collected student " s data from engineering course. And then apply four different classification methods for classifying students based on their Final Grade obtained in their(More)
Data compression techniques are used to optimize time and space while sending and retrieving data. In information retrieval, data compression techniques are used by Search engines to reduce the size of their indexes which will result in optimizing the speed and performance of retrieving relevant information. The goal of this research project is to propose(More)