Emad Ghosheh

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A comparative analysis of maintainability approaches for web applications. This material is posted here with permission of the IEEE. Such permission of the IEEE does not in any way imply IEEE endorsement of any of the University of Westminster's products or services. Internal or personal use of this material is permitted. However, permission to(More)
Many web applications have evolved from simple HTML pages to complex applications that have a high maintenance cost. This high maintenance cost is due to the heterogeneity of web applications, to fast Internet evolution and the fast- moving market which imposes short development cycles and frequent modifications. In order to control the maintenance cost,(More)
Many companies are still asking how to assess and predict the maintenance cost of their software. Measures of software maintenance cost can be taken either late or early in the development process. Early measures of software maintenance cost are beneficial because they can help in allocating project resources efficiently, predicting the effort of(More)
The size and complexity of web applications is increasing at an extremely rapid rate. Many web applications have evolved from simple HTML pages to complex service-oriented applications that have high maintenance costs. UML web design metrics are used to gauge whether the maintainability cost of the system can be controlled by correlating the UML design(More)
Accuracy of sRGB colour reproduction through a camera and a LCD imaging system .. At the heart of every business process management system resides a workflow engine, here termed process execution engine. Yet despite playing such a central role, contemporary business process engines generally still leave much to be desired in terms of interoperability,(More)
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