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In the age of information technology and with the rapid growth of the World Wide Web, the spectacular growth trend in e-business, that has been experienced so far, is expected to continue. Since the introduction of the first commercial website in 1994, electronic commerce has spread across the globe as a marketing, sales, and communication phenomenon,(More)
The distributed query optimization is one of the hardest problems in the database area. The great commercial success of database systems is partly due to the development of sophisticated query optimization technology where users pose queries in a declarative way using SQL or OQL and the optimizer of the database system finds a good way (i. e. plan) to(More)
The core of a parallel processing system is the interconnection network by which the system's processors are linked. Due to the great role played by the interconnection network's topology in improving the parallel processing system's performance, various topologies have been proposed in the literature. This paper proposes a new interconnection network(More)
Massively parallel distributed-memory architectures are receiving increasing attention to meet the increasing demand on processing power. Many topologies have been proposed for interconnecting the processors of distributed computing systems. The hypercube topology has drawn considerable attention due to many of its attractive properties. The appealing(More)
The hypercube parallel architecture is one of the most popular interconnection networks due to many of its attractive properties and its suitability for general purpose parallel processing. An attractive version of the hypercube is the crossed cube. It preserves the important properties of the hypercube and most importantly reduces the diameter by a factor(More)