Emad Abd Elrazek

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BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE The aim of this prospective, randomized and crossover study was to assess the role of a relatively new mode of mechanical ventilation, biphasic intermittent positive airway pressure (BIPAP) in comparison to another well established one, pressure-support ventilation (PSV) in surgical intensive care patients. METHODS 24 generally(More)
In countries endemic for liver and GIT diseases, frequent emergency department (ED) patients contribute to a disproportionate number of visits consuming substantial amount of medical resources. One of the most frequent ED visits is patients who present with hypovolemic shock, abdominal pain, or confusion with or without signs of upper gastrointestinal(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Pain is necessary for survival but chronic pain is disabling and causes significant health and economic problems. Chronic stump pain (pain localized in the stump for >3 months) after amputation is a significant problem among amputees (5-10%). The mechanism of this phenomenon is not very clear yet. In this study we attempted to(More)
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