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Web services are loosely coupled software components, published, located, and invoked across the web. The growing number of web services available within an organization and on the Web raises a new and challenging search problem: locating desired web services. Traditional keyword search is insufficient in this context: the specific types of queries users(More)
On-the-fly information integration attempts to change the basic cost-benefit equation association with building information integration applications. This paper argues that on-the-fly can be supported by extending one’s personal information space. As a first step in this direction, we describe the Semex system that provides a logical and integrated view of(More)
The area of Web Service Discovery (WSD) is a primary area of research today. It has root importance for utilizing web services for personal or organizational needs. However the users of web service are yet facing a challenge to find the desired web service due to rapid growth of web services available on internet. There is a need of a strategy to locate web(More)
Personal information management is one of the key applications of the semantic web. Whereas today’s devices store data according to applications, ideal personal information management system should treat all data as a set of meaningful objects and associations between the objects. To ensure extensibility, a personal information management system should(More)
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