Emőke Imre

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ABSTRACT: The relation between the grading curve and a physical property (or property function) is described by a transfer function. It is practically impossible to determine empirically a transfer function due to the large number of the grading curves. It is assumed that the problem can be simplified using the grading entropy concept of Lőrincz (1986),(More)
We propose a triangulation based initialization method for dense disparity estimation from uncalibrated wide-baseline image pairs using sparse correspondences. The method includes: (a) sparse correspondence retrieval, (b) Delaunay triangulation and homography estimation, and (c) obtaining a dense initial disparity map to initialize dense stereo algorithms.(More)
ABSTRACT: A new transfer function generation method was applied in the simplest form to find the relationship between the grading curve and the dry density. The method is based on the grading entropy concept. Some laboratory emax test data were made for the generation of a preliminary dry density transfer function using “optimal” soils . The goodness of(More)
In this paper, a novel rate-distortion optimization inspired 3D piecewise-planar reconstruction algorithm is proposed. The algorithm refines a coarse 3D triangular mesh, by inserting vertices in a way to minimize the intensity difference between an image and its prediction. The preliminary experiments on synthetic and real data indicate the validity of the(More)
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