Emílio Carlos Nelli Silva

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Electrical impedance tomography is a technique to estimate the impedance distribution within a domain, based on measurements on its boundary. In other words, given the mathematical model of the domain, its geometry and boundary conditions, a nonlinear inverse problem of estimating the electric impedance distribution can be solved. Several impedance(More)
1. Abstract One of the limitations to the development of metallic package in industry is the high cost associated with the launching of new models. This cost is due to the large number of prototype tests that must be done until a solution that satisfies functioning requirements with the least cost is found. This work presents a systematic methodology for(More)
The concept of functionally graded materials (FGMs) is closely related to the concept of topology optimization, which consists in a design method that seeks a continuum optimum material distribution in a design domain. Thus, in this work, topology optimization is applied to design FGM structures considering a minimum compliance criterion. The present(More)
Phononic crystals (PCs) can exhibit phononic band gaps within which sound and vibrations at certain frequencies do not propagate. In fact, PCs with large band gaps are of great interest for many applications, such as transducers, elastic/acoustic filters, noise control, and vibration shields. Previous work in the field concentrated on PCs made of elastic(More)
The Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT) is a recent monitoring technique of biological tissues that allows us to obtain images of a transversal plane in any section of human body. The images are generated from voltage values measured around the plane section of human body. These voltages are obtained by applying an alternated sequence of low amplitude(More)
1. Abstract In the structural design, usually only concentrated loads are considered. However, among mechanical structures, there are some in which the body forces have a major importance in its design. This is the case of rotational machines such as energy generator rotors, turbine runners and flywheels. Unfortunately, the optimal design of these(More)
Abstract Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT) is a imaging method that estimates conductivity distribution inside a body (domain). In this method, images are obtained by applying a sequence of low intensity electrical currents, through electrodes positioned around the body. Applications of EIT can be often found in geophysics sciences, non-destructive(More)
The interpolation of a sequence of points is an important task in Engineering. In this work, three different interpolation methods are studied and expanded. The first method is the conventional interpolation Spline. The second method is a subdivision based geometric algorithm. The third method interpolates a given set of points with additional point normal(More)
1. Abstract Functionally Graded Materials (FGMs) possess continuously graded material properties and are characterized by spatially varying microstructures. Such materials are studied in conjunction with the concept of topology optimization design which determines holes and connectivities of the structure by adding and removing material in the extended(More)