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Infectious and inflammatory diseases have repeatedly shown strong genetic associations within the major histocompatibility complex (MHC); however, the basis for these associations remains elusive. To define host genetic effects on the outcome of a chronic viral infection, we performed genome-wide association analysis in a multiethnic cohort of HIV-1(More)
Letters Letters Letters Letters Letters icterus developed, and the patient died of shock and multiorgan failure 9 hours after hospitalization , despite treatment with a mixture of antibiotics, which contained doxycycline. Rickettsiae of the spotted fever group were isolated by the shell vial technique from the blood of the three patients. Sequences of(More)
To the Editor: Transfusion-transmitted malaria, although extremely uncommon in most countries not endemic for malaria, may have fatal consequences if undetected (1,2). Benito and Rubio (3) addressed this timely issue by presenting data on screening of blood donors at risk for malaria in Spain with a seminested polymerase chain reaction (SNM-PCR). Of 125(More)
INTRODUCTION Recent data indicates that low vitamin D (25(OH)D) levels can lead to a worst prognosis in HIV-infected individuals, even in those on successful antiretroviral therapy (ART) [1]. Portugal is the European country that has the largest average sun exposure time but prevalence of hypovitaminosis D is mostly unknown. Our aim was to determine the(More)
OBJECTIVES Despite a decreasing mortality and morbidity in treated HIV-1 patients, highly active antiretroviral treatment (HAART) can still fail due to the development of drug resistance. Especially, multidrug-resistant viruses pose a threat to efficient therapy. We studied the changing prevalence of multidrug resistance (MDR) over time in a cohort of(More)
BACKGROUND Single-dose nevirapine (sd-NVP) has been the main option for prevention of mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT) of HIV-1 in low-resource settings. However, sd-NVP can induce the selection of HIV-1 resistant mutations in mothers and infants. In Mozambique, there are limited data regarding the profile of NVP resistance associated mutations (RAM) in(More)
INTRODUCTION Metabolic syndrome (MS) is common in HIV-infected individuals and it is associated with higher cardiovascular risk (CVR). Mediterranean diet has been associated with a better metabolic control and lower CVR. MATERIALS AND METHODS From December 2013 to May 2014, individuals between 18 and 65 years of age, who attended the outpatient HIV Clinic(More)
In this work, some identifiability and sensitivity properties of a reduced complexity model for the Human Immunodeficiency Virus 1 (HIV-1) infection are considered. In addition to study the effect of parameters on the model states, the impact of the data sampling frequency on a cost used for parameter estimation is also addressed. The conclusions are used(More)
A novel immunochromatographic membrane-based assay for the detection of specific IgG antibodies to Mycobacterium tuberculosis was evaluated in patients with active tuberculosis in a low-prevalence population. The sensitivity of the test for detecting active tuberculosis was 41.5% (17/41 patients positive); its specificity in a group of patients with other(More)
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