Emília Mendes

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The elderly are susceptible to many disorders that alter the gait pattern and could lead to falls and reduction of mobility. One of the most applied therapeutical approaches to correct altered gait patterns is the insertion of insoles. Principal Component Analysis (PCA) is a powerful method used to reduce redundant information and it allows the comparison(More)
In clinical gait analysis gait events, such as initial contact and toe off, are needed for biomechanical data normalization and for several temporal/distance parameters estimation. Therefore, there is a major necessity to identify the key gait events accurately. In this paper it will be presented an algorithm to detected stance phase and swing phase events(More)
A análise clínica da marcha é usualmente considerada como sendo a medição, o processamento e a interpretação sistemática dos parâmetros biomecânicos que caracterizam a locomoção humana e facilitam a identificação de limitações no movimento, de maneira a identificar adequados procedimentos de reabilitação [1]. Segundo [2], o termo análise clínica
  • Tayana Uchôa, Conte Advisor, Guilherme Horta, Travassos Colaborator, Emília Mendes
  • 2005
This paper presents a doctorate degree research which main goal is the definition of quality-related activities for the development of Web applications. Specifically, this work intends to develop a new kind of inspection techniques: Reading Techniques for Web Applications Design. It also defines a proposal to evaluate experimentally the feasibility of such(More)
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