Emília Magalhães

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Helicobacter pylori plays an important role in the etiology of peptic ulcer disease. Its prevalence appears to be higher in developing countries. We evaluated the seroprevalence of H. pylori and risk factors associated with infection in voluntary blood donors who attended the main blood center of the city of Salvador, Brazil. The subjects responded to an(More)
The absorption of fat was studied in 49 subjects, using the radioisotopic triolein and oleic acid technics, chemical fecal fat determination, and the vitamin A tolerance test. There is very poor correlation between the peak blood values and the percentage excreted in the stools, either for triolein or for oleic acid. Only very low peak values after(More)
The imbalance between reactive oxygen species (ROS) production and their elimination by antioxidants leads to oxidative stress. Depending on their concentration, ROS can trigger apoptosis or stimulate cell proliferation. We hypothesized that oxidative stress and mitochondrial dysfunction may participate not only in apoptosis detected in some myelodysplastic(More)
Les auteurs ont verifié l'influence du temps écoulé depuis le dernier repas sur la sensibilité de la graisse de l'épididyme du rat à l'insulinein vitro, en utilisant la méthode manométrique. Des groupes d'animaux ont été alimentés 24, 5 et 2 1/2 h avant d'être sacrifiés. Le délai de 5 h semble être préférable parce qu'il offre la meilleure base et des(More)
Oxidative stress and abnormal DNA methylation have been implicated in some types of cancer, namely in myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS). Since both mechanisms are observed in MDS patients, we analyzed the correlation of intracellular levels of peroxides, superoxide anion, and glutathione (GSH), as well as ratios of peroxides/GSH and superoxide/GSH, with the(More)