Elzemar Martins Ribeiro-Rodrigues

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The admixed Brazilian population shows high levels of genetic variability, which resulted from the contribution of three main ethnicities, Amerindian, European, and African. However, due to its huge(More)
In a large variety of genetic studies, probabilistic inferences are made based on information available in population databases. The accuracy of the estimates based on population samples are highly(More)
Some genetic markers on both the Y chromosome and mtDNA are highly polymorphic and population-specific in humans, representing useful tools for reconstructing the past history of populations with(More)
Allelic frequencies of 48 informative insert-delete (INDEL) loci were obtained from a sample set of 130 unrelated individuals living in Macapá, a city located in the northern Amazon region, in(More)
Fourteen Y-STR loci (DYS458, DYS439, Y-GATA H4, DYS576, DYS447, DYS460, DYS456, YGATA A10, DYS437, DYS449, DYS570, DYS635 or Y-GATA C4, DYS448 and DYS438) were analysed in 873 males from eight(More)