Elzbieta Rzeszutko

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For ages people have sought inspiration in nature. Biomimicry has been the propelling power of such inventions, like Velcro tape or “cat’s eyes” – retroreflective road marking. At the same time, scientists have been developing biologically inspired techniques: genetic algorithms, neural and sensor networks, etc. Although at a first glance there is no direct(More)
We study the problem of decoding secret messages encrypted by the German Army with the M3 Enigma machine after September 15, 1938. We focused our attention on the algorithmization and programming of this problem. A completion and optimization of Zygalski’s sheets method were presented previously. We describe below the missing algorithm solving the problem(More)
The alarming rise in the quantity of malware in the past few years poses a serious challenge to the security community and requires urgent response. However, current countermeasures seem no longer to be effective. Thus, it is our belief that it is now time for researchers and security experts to turn to nature in the search for novel inspiration for defense(More)
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