Elyse Shapiro

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Escherichia coli strains bearing single-copy fusions between the lacZ reporter gene and the cspA, ibp, or P3rpoH stress promoters offer a simple means to detect sublethal concentrations of antibacterial agents interfering with prokaryotic translation or cell envelope integrity while simultaneously providing information on the mechanism of action of the test(More)
Error-prone PCR was used to isolate Photinus pyralis luciferase mutants producing bright light in the red-orange region of the spectrum. All mutations were clustered in the beta5-alpha10-beta6 region of N-terminal subdomain B and appear to affect bioluminescence color by modulating the position of the Ser314-Leu319 mobile loop with respect to the putative(More)
A DNA cartridge encoding Photinus pyralis luciferase (luc), lacZ homology extensions and an excisable marker was constructed to facilitate the conversion of Escherichia coli lacZ fusions to luc fusions by lambda Red-mediated recombination. This tool was used to transform a cspA::lacZ strain into a luminescent biosensor for C-group translational inhibitors.(More)
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