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N,N-dipropyltryptamine (DPT) is a synthetic tryptamine hallucinogen which has been used psychotherapeutically in humans, but has been studied preclinically only rarely. In the present studies, DPT was tested in a drug-elicited head-twitch assay in mice, and in rats trained to discriminate lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD),(More)
Few studies have characterized the subjective effects of N-substituted piperazines, but these drugs show potential for abuse in humans, and have often been associated with MDMA ("ecstasy") in this regard. The aim of the present study was to test the capacity of N-substituted piperazines to induce a head twitch response, alter locomotor activity, and induce(More)
During an outbreak of infections caused by methicillin-resistant (MR) Staphylococcus aureus in our burn unit, we conducted an extensive 10-week study to define the environmental epidemiology of the organism. The inanimate environment in patient rooms and adjacent areas was examined by using volumetric air samplers and Rodac plates. Airborne and surface(More)
Mixed-lymphocyte-culture response and peripheral lymphocyte counts were determined after 100 mg and 1,000 mg of methylprednisolone were administered intravenously to healthy volunteers; The MLC response was significantly suppressed in both groups for at least 12 hr. The degree of suppression of the MLC response did not differ between the two groups.(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE To conduct a systematic review on the effectiveness of emergency department (ED)-based care coordination interventions. METHODS We reviewed any randomized controlled trial or quasi-experimental study indexed in MEDLINE, CINAHL, Web of Science, Cochrane, or Scopus that evaluated the effectiveness of ED-based care coordination interventions.(More)
Our results concur with earlier published work, by other groups, showing that LRD-recipient pairs with low MLC stimulation usually have better and more prolonged graft success than do those with higher stimulation. Specific HL-A compatibilities or incompatibilities did not seem to affect these results, nor did the presence of an increased number of common(More)
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