Elyon DeKoven

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ion gradient Two subjects added more powerful navigational devices in order to reduce the number of steps required to navigate among the levels of abstraction they supported. Accessibility of related information One subject added navigational aids to reduce the number of steps to access related information. Use of screen real estate One subject reduced the(More)
Designers of consumer products usually try to address as wide a range of user needs as possible. Due to various design constraints, such as product size and limited interface mechanisms, typically only a portion of those needs can be supported. This paper discusses efforts to design everyday consumer products that can support a broad range of user goals and(More)
An increasing number of consumer products for everyday use offer the user advanced programming capabilities. Existing technologies offer the potential to design human-product interaction supported by collaborative dialogue. Collaboration can afford a rich level of conversation between product and user. However, there are few methods and tools for designers,(More)
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