Elwyn T. Reese

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Cellulase is an adaptive enzyme in most fungi (Reese and Levinson, 1952), although it is constitutive in cellulolytic bacteria (Hammerstrom et al., 1955). Many polysaccharases are adaptive in fungi, including: pentosanase (Simpson, 1954), polygalacturonase (Phaff, 1947), chitinase (Reynolds, 1954), dextranase (Hultin and Nordstr6m, 1949), and xylanase and(More)
Mandels, Mary (Quartermaster Research and Engineering Center, Natick, Mass.), Fredrick W. Parrish, and Elwyn T. Reese. Sophorose as an inducer of cellulase in Trichoderma viride. J. Bacteriol. 83:400-408. 1962.-The impurity in glucose responsible for cellulase induction in Trichoderma viride QM 6a has been isolated and characterized as sophorose(More)
Enzyme stability studies have been reinvestigated under the conditions used for cellulose hydrolysis (pH 4.8, 50 degrees C, 24 hr). The cellobiohydrolase (CBH) component as measured on Avicel is less stable than other enzymes of the cellulase complex, and is 60% inactivated by merthiolate (and other Hg compounds) under the above conditions.(More)