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The Time Slotted Channel Hopping (TSCH) Medium Access Control (MAC) has been introduced in the recent IEEE 802.15.4e amendment to improve energy efficiency and reliability of short range wireless communications in industrial applications. However the joining phase can take very long time due to the operation of TSCH and beside being a problem in the(More)
This paper capitalizes on two emerging trends, i.e., the growing use of wireless at the edge of industrial control networks and the growing interest to integrate IP into said networks. This is facilitated by recent design contributions from the IEEE and the IETF, where the former developed a highly efficient deterministic time-frequency scheduled medium(More)
The IEEE 802.15.4 standard is widely recognized as one of the most successful enabling technologies for short range low rate wireless communications. It covers all the details related to the MAC and PHY layers of the protocol stack. In addition, it supports the possibility to protect MAC packets by using symmetric-key cryptography techniques and it offers(More)
To use the manifold possibilities that arc spraying offers to deposit wear resistance layers, the knowledge of the particle formation and their characteristics are necessary. The work is focused on studying the particle trajectories during arc spraying with cored wires. Different cored wires under various spraying parameters are investigated by means of a(More)
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