Elvis Hernández

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The anorexia of aging syndrome in humans is characterized by spontaneous body weight loss reflecting diminished food intake. We reported previously that old rats undergoing a similar phenomenon of progressive weight loss (i.e., senescent rats) also display altered feeding behavior, including reduced meal size and duration. Here, we tested the hypothesis(More)
The rationale for this study was to test the hypothesis that peripherally released peptide YY (PYY) acts in the vagal nuclear complex of the medulla oblongata to modulate vagal tone centrally. The objective was to determine whether circulating PYY gains access to and binds to the receptors identified in the dorsal vagal complex (DVC) under physiological(More)
Quantitative receptor autoradiography localized a high-affinity binding site for 125I-peptide YY to the mucosa in rabbit distal colon. Scatchard binding analysis revealed a single-affinity binding site (KD = 0.29 nM) with binding specificity similar to other peptide YY-preferring receptors (peptide YY > or = neuropeptide Y >> pancreatic polypeptide).(More)
Previous work from this laboratory suggests that animals decrease their intake of an amino acid imbalanced diet (IMB), due in part to a drop in the concentration of the dietary limiting amino (DLAA) in the anterior piriform cortex (APC). Administration of the DLAA, but not of a non-limiting amino acid into the APC, blocks the anorectic response to IMB. To(More)
This study sought to determine whether a normal platelet count is a reliable predictor of the absence of other coagulation abnormalities in patients with a hypertensive disorder of pregnancy. A retrospective review of laboratory data obtained from 80 patients with hypertensive disorders of pregnancy was carried out. Results of complete blood cell count,(More)
BACKGROUND The successful prevention of RhD disease has brought attention to other red blood cells' antigens causing alloimmunisation including RhC/c and RhE/e. Prenatal diagnosis of fetal Rh genotype from maternal blood is in clinical use in Europe but not in the USA. OBJECTIVE To estimate the collective reported diagnostic accuracy of fetal RhCE(More)
A technique for experimental determination of regional myocardial blood flow and heat generation has been developed, based on a heat-clearance method. This method allows repetitive and frequent measurements of regional blood flow without necessity for biopsy or microspheres. Testing was performed on a pedicle preparation, an intact segment of left(More)
BACKGROUND Renal tract neoplasms account for only 15% of all cases of hematuria and are rare before the age of 40. Few cases of bladder carcinoma diagnosed during pregnancy have been reported. CASE Adenocarcinoma of the dome of the bladder caused hematuria beginning at 20 weeks' gestation but was not diagnosed until the postpartum period. CONCLUSION(More)