Elvira Tarsitano

Maria Tempesta1
Canio Buonavoglia1
Annunziata Giangaspero1
1Maria Tempesta
1Canio Buonavoglia
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  • Antonio Fasanella, Silvia Scasciamacchia, Giuliano Garofolo, Annunziata Giangaspero, Elvira Tarsitano, Rosanna Adone
  • 2010
Anthrax is a disease of human beings and animals caused by the encapsulated, spore-forming, Bacillus anthracis. The potential role of insects in the spread of B. anthracis to humans and domestic animals during an anthrax outbreak has been confirmed by many studies. Among insect vectors, the house fly Musca domestica is considered a potential agent for(More)
Caprine herpesvirus 1 (CpHV-1) is responsible for vaginal and respiratory disease in goats. Infection by vaginal route is usually restricted to the genital tract whereas by nasal route the virus can spread throughout the body. In order to evaluate genomic diversity, nucleotide sequences of glycoprotein C (gC) of 13 (n.8 vaginal, n.5 nasal) CpHV-1 strains(More)
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